Monday, July 21, 2008

The Police Concert

Yes... We went to The Police concert on Saturday. It was soooooooo much fun! I mean.. look at us!!!
And here's John taking pictures of the wrong guy.....

And me, taking pictures of the right guy.. Sting!

Highlights of the concert:


-Sting's spandex shirt. ow ow baby.

-The drummer. That man can play!!!

-The man in front of us. See the bottom left video to know what I mean. How can I possibly concentrate on the band on the stage when this guy's got Christmas lights on his hat with the huge battery pack!

-Premium parking. It just might be $20, but I get in the lines faster and get out of the parking lot faster.

-The drummer's gloves. Loved it.

-Two.. not one, but TWO encores.

-We made a Police fan out of John.

-They sounded SOOOOOOO good. Giggle-like-a-little-school-girl-good.

Not so much of a highlight list:

-We couldn't really see the screen all too well where we were seated.

-Some of the songs were remixed, so singing along wasn't such an easy task.

-It was FREAKIN' hot (but.. the snowie sure made me feel better).

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