Monday, November 3, 2008

Seriously, so so very blessed.

Today, when I arrived home from a VERY long day at work, I found this sitting on my doorstep.
Of course, I was very curious what was inside, so I opened it immediately to find this..

AND this..

And lastly, this special thing. AHHHH Thanks TAMN!

Oh yeah, and John and I found and have a new apt!!!!! We LOVE it!!
And I shall post some pictures of me wearing the shirts once I look decent enough to do so.


stacey said...

I'm seriously SO jealous of the kick a fairy tale short.

stacey said...

Shirt not short. I'm an idiot.

Crazy McWife said...

How awesome!! I clicked on the photo right away to see what the address was... no clues, it's just a PO box. Darn. I love both those shirts!

Jessica said...

That is awesome! Love both of the shirts!! Can't believe you and TAMN are like BFF's now!

renae said...

so glad you're back! and i love the kick A fairy tale shirt too.

B and C said...

I love the kick-a shirt. Such a fun surprise!