Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Home sweet home!!

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to go home to Rhode Island to visit my family. I had such a great time with everyone!! I already miss them.. but luckily my dad is coming out here in not even two weeks and I will be meeting up with my mom in Disney World in about a month. Can't wait!

Oh food. One of the highlights of my trip. Above.. I am eating lobster bisque from Brick Alley Pub, they probably have THE best I have had. Below, I went to dinner with my dad and had the surf n turf which had a stuffed lobster tail and filet mignon. SOO awesome.

Elizabeth and I went downtown and I just had to take a picture with the wave. So very touristy, but I had to do it!
We went shopping downtown also, and as I was coming down these stairs below, I fell. Not just a trip and secure yourself, but an actual slow motion fall to the ground. I wanted Elizabeth to take a picture of me on the ground, but she would not do it for me!

We had to have breakfast all together, so of course we had to go to the Newport Creamery!! There were soo many of us. It was my mom, her boyfriend Higgins, his daughter Cara, my aunt Mickey, my cousin Elizabeth, my nana, my aunt Jolene, my aunt Dawn, my uncle Jim, my cousin Jimmy, my cousin Nolan, another cousin Steve and myself. We took up three tables, almost the entire section. We were very loud and it was a blast! This is what I miss most about home.. my wonderful, fun, loud family!
Here's Nolan and I.

My Jimmy and I.

Dawn Dawn and Roub!
Elizabeth, Jimmy, nana, Jolene and Mickey.

Jolene and Roub

Steve, in his xanax shirt.

Close up of Jimmy.


After breakfast we all went to Dawn's house where I played Rock Band for the first time ever, and it was AMAZING! I scored 100% a couple of times! Here are some beautiful pictures of us all playing!

Did I mention we look beautiful!

Here's a video of all of the action! Enjoy!

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Potter Family said...

ohh Rhode Island how I love you!