Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Best house guest EVER!

Did I also mention she's the cutest house guest ever?? She kisses (not on the face, thank you.), cuddles, totally potty trained, not very loud, doesn't shed.. and she wears fashionable sweaters. Ellie, we need to keep you. You are just way too much fun. I've never had anyone be so happy when I come home from work. You re-position yourself at night when I move in bed, you make sure to sit on the floor while we eat rather than jumping on the couch and trying to take my food, and you keep me warm by sitting on my lap when we watch TV shows. You are the best Ellie, please don't ever leave us.

I think I need a puppy.

1 comment:

ThorpeFamily said...

What is your inlaws secret? Did they train her? She is so cute! Im gonna try and come up thurs! Maybe we can hit a movie too!